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When things wear out on your mountain bike there is always Hope!

For some time now I have been a fan of Hope mountain bike parts. Not only are they beautifully designed and made to perfection but they also work….. very well indeed.

Anyway, when I needed to replace my existing mountain bike stem for a shorter one to improve the positioning and handling of my Scott Genius 30, I turned to Hope. This time however, I took the opportunity to photograph it before introducing it to the muddy English countryside (Dalby Forrest tomorrow).

My Tech 2 brake levers may take a bit of cleaning to look as perfect as this stem but they will end up in front of the camera… one day! Of course, if someone would like to provide more examples of their fine engineering I would be happy to photograph them…..  and test them of course!

Anyway, here are the  images I made of this beautiful piece of engineering

Hope Mountain Bike Stem


Now all I need is the rest of their product range to photograph..

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